The Lapels Dry Cleaning Hub and Spoke model allows you to have one centralized Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning facility with retail providing the cleaning services for your satellite locations and your pick up and delivery routes. Our typical production facility we build can service up to 5 Satellite locations with multiple pick up and delivery routes. This model allows you to become the household name in dry cleaning with our branding, marketing and services in the area that you choose servicing multiple communities.

If you’re looking for a dry cleaning business for sale, what are you actually looking for? If you’re new to the world of dry cleaning businesses, you might not have a good idea of just how it works. To you, all dry cleaning businesses for sale are pretty much the same, right? Well, that’s OK, you can’t know everything right away. One thing you should learn about, though, is Lapels’ hub and spokes business model.

When you come to buy a dry cleaning business for sale from Lapels, you have options. Our hub & spokes business model gives our owners complete flexibility in building a network of stores and routes that can be serviced by one production facility. This scalable business model allows you to create tremendous branding and allows you to service multiple communities. The hub is the environmentally friendly dry cleaning plant, where the clothes are actually cleaned. The spokes are the satellite stores and delivery routes. Satellite stores are where people can drop off and pick up their clothing and the routes are where we pick up and deliver the clothing.

Just how big of a dry cleaning network you can manage depends on your resources, your location, and your preferences. Many of our franchisees find that once they buy one dry cleaning business from us, they can expand their business and set up more and more satellite stores. To learn more about the dry cleaning businesses we have for sale, please get in touch with us.

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