The Dry Cleaning Industry has seen many changes and advancements through the years and Lapels Dry Cleaning has led this ever changing landscape. When you join Lapels you are prepared to take advantage of the ever changing needs of our customers. Sustainability, technology and convenience are at the heart of this change.

  • Mobile Application
  • 100% environmentally non toxic dry cleaning process
  • energy efficient equipment
  • Bar Coding of Garments for garment tracking
  • 24/7 lockers system
  • customer engagement tools
  • residential and corporate pick up and delivery
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Scalabilty with our Hub and Spoke model
  • Repeating revenue
  • Brand Awareness
  • Digital marketing
  • 3 ways to open a Lapels Plant Satellite and Converting
  • Buying power
  • Non Fad
  • Recession Resistant
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There are many good reasons to buy a dry cleaning franchise. Two-career families are more common than ever now and many families need steady access to clean, crisp, business clothes. It’s important to look the part in any profession but people don’t always have the time to take care of their professional clothes themselves. That’s where dry cleaning franchises come in: to manage this high demand for clean professional clothes.

But why Lapels? Of all the dry cleaning franchises out there, why should you buy a Lapels dry cleaning franchise? Perhaps the biggest reason is the name itself. We have spent a long time building equity into our brand. First off, we are fully committed to being environmentally friendly and sustainable. This has benefits beyond just helping the planet; consumers increasingly want green alternatives, especially from a dry cleaning franchise, and Lapels offers that. We are also the largest donors of cloths to the Big Brother Big Sister Program. Lapels is a dry cleaning franchise that tries to make the world and our communities a better place.

But the reasons to buy a dry cleaning franchise from Lapels are not just ethical ones; there are also plenty of good business reasons. Our dry cleaning franchises have a modern look that is instantly recognizable to customers, we have technologically advanced cleaning methods, and a carefully crafted workflow management system to maximize efficiency. To learn more about what makes Lapels a truly special dry cleaning franchise, please get in touch with us!

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