The Lapels Conversion program works 2 ways.

  • If you are an investor and prefer to not start with a new build or business and prefer having cash flow day one. The Lapels team will assist you once you become a franchisee to look for independent dry cleaning operations for sale where we together with vet out the opportunity and decide whether purchasing this business and convert to a Lapels makes sense. We look for opportunities to grow the revenue by adding the Lapels program with our Conveniences, technology, sustainability, customer engagement and more.
  • If you are an existing independent dry cleaner and are looking to make changes to your current business model but do not know where to start or want the support of a National Brand with the tools, knowledge and expertise we have a low cost program to assist your conversion to the Lapels program.

Owning a Dry Cleaning business is a goal for many. Dry Cleaning is a steady business with a large customer base and it’s relatively recession proof. Why wouldn’t you want to own a Dry Cleaning business? If you do, then now is a great time to buy and own a Lapels Dry Cleaning business. But what if you already own a Dry Cleaning business? What if you opened your own independent Dry Cleaning business and your profits are not where you would like them to be? Do you have to shut down and start all over again?

Going it alone is difficult in any business and especially the Dry Cleaning business. So much of Dry Cleaning is based on trust: people have to trust you with their important and often expensive clothing. If they don’t know who you are, they might not give you their business, even if you provide a great service. But a brand name that they recognize and trust? They’ll gladly give them their business. That is why owning a Dry Cleaning franchise is usually preferable to owning an independent Dry Cleaning business.

But if you already own a Dry Cleaning business, what can you do? Well, Lapels offers conversions for qualified candidates. You can rebrand or convert your current Dry Cleaning business into a Lapels franchise. This allows you to still own the same Dry Cleaning business, but you get to benefit from the Lapels brand name, our effective methods, and environmentally friendly technology. To learn more about conversions, please contact us.

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