Once you build out your “Hub” you now can open smaller stores where no cleaning takes place. This is often referred to as a “Spoke” as you now shuttle the garments to your Hub to be cleaned, pressed, assembled and packaged and brought back to your satellite store on a daily basis. This store allows you to expand your footprint at a fraction of the cost while increasing your revenue stream.

The best dry cleaning business models are creative ones. Good dry cleaning business models focus on a diversity of services; thinking of ways to offer customers more and stand out to them is imperative for success. As is customer service. Customer service is key to most business plans but for dry cleaning business models, it is paramount. Yes, providing the best (environmentally friendly) dry cleaning service possible is crucial. But remember that it is still a service and we want to maximize the convenience and ease of the dry cleaning process for our customers.

To that end, Lapels has incorporated satellite stores into our dry cleaning business model. A satellite store is a Lapels-branded location that is fully focused on customer service; no actual dry cleaning takes place there. This part of our dry cleaning business model focuses on drop off and pick up. Even though all the dry cleaning is done off premises, satellite stores offer customers all the services and revenue streams of a full service cleaner. Satellite stores’ primary objective is to provide outstanding customer service. Satellite stores come with the Lapels Express Pickup & Delivery system as well as offering several revenue streams which include dry cleaning, shirt service, tailoring, heirlooming, leather & suede cleaning, and more.

Satellite stores also cost less to purchase and require less total investment than a dry cleaning plant. To learn more about satellite stores or our dry cleaning business model more generally, please get in touch with us.

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