Lapels has incorporated satellite stores into our dry cleaning business model allowing you to expand your footprint at a fraction of the cost of building a Hub while increasing your revenue stream.  Hub stores (whether owned by you or another Lapels franchisee) must be within a certain distance from each satellite in order to service the garments.

Satellite stores shuttle the garments to the Hub stores to be cleaned, pressed, assembled and packaged and then they are returned customer ready.  Lapels branded satellite stores have no machinery for cleaning but rather focus solely on customer service, offering all the services and revenue streams from a full service Lapels “hub” facility.  Some of these include our Pickup & Delivery system as well as dry cleaning, shirt service, tailoring, heirlooming, leather & suede cleaning, and more.

Satellite stores are less of a total investment than a dry cleaning plant. To learn more about satellite stores or our dry cleaning business model, please get in touch with us.

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